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Multifunctional emulsifying system

Product usage:

This machine is suitable for cream vacuum emulsifying.Vacuum emulsifying tank avoid bubbles in the material produced in a high shear emulsification. Vacuum emulsifying tank during agitation to achieve the feed control, the feed control, emulsification and other manual control and automatic control.

Product Specification:

1, the heating method: to use steam or electric heating, this machine uses electric heating.1.Heating: can be steam or electric heating, the machine uses electric heating
2.Temperature control:Thermocouple temperature measurement, and connect with temperature controller for control and monitor,can adjust the level of material temperature.
3. Tank: mirror polished inner surface roughness Ra≤0.4um
4. Cover: head structure,pressure manhole,be evacuated
5.The inner tank bottom structure: spinning into R angle, no dead space within the tank after welding polishing,drain material no retention
6.Jacketed type: full jacket, coil, miller plate etc.
7.Insulation materials: polyurethane foam, environmental protection, good insulation properties
8.Shell surface treatment: mirror polished or matt colors or 2B 2B frosted matte processing
9.Stirring device: Top center dispersing emulsifier, after dispersion, shearing, emulsification, homogenization,finally get a stable ,high-quality products
10.Optional accessories: electric heating barrel, sight glass, pressure gauge, hand hole, vacuum pumps, pipe filters, etc.
Application area

L&B Machinery