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Directly refrigeration milk tank


Directly refrigeration milk tank is an important pasture mechanized milking equipment, is more suitable for hand-milking pasture and milk collection stations, collection receptacles dairy milk cooling, the cooling of raw milk maintain the best condition and prevent bacteria produce. I plant design and production of large-area cooling tank straight wall is cooled by the automatic control system, one-step operation observed that raw milk is cooled rapidly to the desired temperature and constant renewal. Prevent bacteria produce and keep milk raw milk in A-level status.

Product composition

Refrigeration compressors use high-performance, energy-saving type of hermetic compressors equipped with the reliable protector will not overload and burn out the motor or system failure. Polyurethane foam insulation layer of new technology, good thermal insulation properties. Tank made of high quality stainless steel, with automatic cleaning device and a stirring device.

Structural feature

1、Tank wall using advanced cellular miller plate evaporator,heat and refrigeration
2、 Tank all adopt SUS304 or 316 stainless steel, with a rotating cleaning CIP automatic pressurized sprinkler and automatic mixing device.
3、Insulation layer of polyurethane foam, insulation performance is good.

Device parameters

Application area

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